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Apr 29
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Over the last few weeks I’ve been busy doing the usual outdoorsy activities that I normally post about; namely a week or so ago I went cycling in the everglades with the CORPS club (who organise all these trips). This trip was particularly good, as there was just 4 of us chose this activity, it  gave us the opportunity to get to know one another better than on some of the other trips. I wasn’t quite expecting the sheer amount of alligators that I saw, but the only way I could describe it is that upon setting off down the trail you’ll have spotted at least 5 within 30 meters, after which time I think you can safely say you’ve seen it all! The bike ride consisted of a 15 miles round trip, on the flat, to a watch tower deep in the everglades. Views from the top were pretty immense, you could see for miles, all pretty much barren grassy landscape with obviously a lot of wild life. In the distance we saw Miami’s signature move developing, a huge thunderstorm, and set off the 7 miles back to the car. Around the 4 mile post lightning began striking down, pretty close, the thunder kicked in and in quick succession the rain gave us a great pelting. This continued for the entire 4 miles back to the car, as you would expect we were well and truly soaked to the skin, there was enough water in my t-shirt to fill a water bottle. Oh what fun we had!! Anyhow the trip was very much enjoyable, the rain only added to the experience and memories.


Last weekend consisted of making new friends at the beach and attending floatopia. This weekend truly felt like I was living the Miami life style being on the beach 2 days straight, the first with a small bonfire and songs until the early hours, the second being floatopia where mainly college students bring floats and fill the sea. This was a great day playing in the water and on the beach, as with all great things in Miami though the rain came in leaving us running to the car 7 blocks away. As one can imagine, we were soaked to the skin again – you can’t escape the rain once it comes, quite literally torrential! The fun continued through into Sunday when I went on a big catamaran sailing boat out to Key Biscayne, again with CORPS. This involved sun bathing (getting further burnt) and after anchoring they brought out a floating trampoline and some floats for everyone to play on. Again another enjoyable day and some good views over the Miami sky rise buildings despite it turning pretty dull on the way back to shore.


On Friday I finished my last day of classes at the University of Miami, definitely a sad day but not quite so sad as I will be feeling on the day I leave. I’m already beginning to reflect on the great time I’ve had and how much I am going to miss every second of it. Anyhow, that evening  consisted of something entirely different to what I would normally do and involved attending Miami International Fashion week with a friend of mine, Celeste Campos (, who has a keen interest in getting into the fashion industry. The event was definitely very  enjoyable; I almost felt like a celebrity being in an amazingly posh restaurant on South Beach, Miami – not to mention getting our picture taken on the sponsor drop back, shame I can’t say I’m quite so photogenic >_<. There was, for sure, some interesting dress designs, some that might make your eye brows rise others that looked quite nice. To sum up: it was a great evening doing something slightly different, in a posh hotel, dressed up, with a beautiful girl. Oh and not to mention, that evening I also reluctantly learned to long board having not been on a skateboard since like 10 years ago; I can’t say I’m a pro yet but at least it moved with both feet on the board! 😀


Ps. Parasailing that I had been waiting for over and over all year was cancelled again (for probably the fourth time)! Looks like the chances of doing it are getting ever slimmer. 🙁

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