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Mar 30
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In recent years I’ve started to produce an annual photo book to remember the things I’ve done each year. I’ve used several different photo book companies and for 2019 I used Saal Digital UK. Here’s my review of what they have to offer.

Design Software

Rating 4/5

Design software is one of the things I struggle with the most when producing a photo book. Every company has their own software and they all work slightly differently. Saal Digital UK was no exception. I had some frustrating moments but eventually managed to find all the functionality that I wanted and most importantly get it to work correctly.

It could have been nice if the software offered integrations with some popular cloud storage services. That said it wasn’t too much bother downloading the photos and importing them.

Customer Service

Rating 5/5

Customer support was very accommodating and fast to reply on the occasion that I did have to contact them. I used email and usually received replies next working day or earlier.

My only compliant? They weren’t using SupportPal Limited!


Rating 5/5

I settled for the 28/19 lay flat photo book with default settings (26 pages), changing only to HighEnd print matte. Having now received the product I’m very impressed. The lay flat function works as good as any another photo book I have. The print quality is excellent and the colours really pop despite printing on matte.

In terms of cost, it’s very competitively priced so no complaints there.

I had read some reviews from 2 years or so ago that mentioned it would have been nice if the photo book included blank pages at the start and end. It seems Saal Digital UK haven’t acted on that yet but for me this really isn’t a complaint – I’m happy with it the way it is.


Rating 5/5

Price is where Saal Digital UK stands out. For the product I chose, it came to £35, or £40 if you don’t want to include their copyright notice. £40 is competitively priced so no complaints here.

The big difference to companies I had used in the past was FREE delivery. In the past I’ve paid £5 – 10 for delivery. Saal Digital UK delivered using DHL which is what I’ve paid to use in the past so it arrived just as fast!

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