Spring Break (and some extra bits)

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Mar 24
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Originally I was only going to write about spring break but then I realised it’s been a while (again) since my last post and I must have done some other interesting stuff in between.   So I went back searching through my Facebook chat, strong in the knowledge that I’d sent someone a rather long passage that I should have really posted here.


Around the 24th February I had my first real experience of  feeling ill, other than a cold, which lead to missing a few classes during that week. The one class I didn’t miss has compulsory attendance and sadly it was 3 hours of sheer pain (happens to be my longest class also.)  Anyhow, I soon recovered, but it was around the time I realized how expensive medical care over here is.   Fortunately I have NOT had to use any insurance, but a friend got meningitis and the bill came to $100,000, which isn’t fully covered … This made me realise how useful the NHS is back home.


Around that time my friends and I also realized that we rarely go to the beach, even though we’re in Miami, (probably because it’s a bit of pain to get to without a car).  So we are now planning to try and go at least once every week, in the afternoon, using a shuttle that UM (University of Miami) has to another part of campus that happens to be near the beach.  After our first trip to the beach we found that there was also a cool miniature golf course setup on the green outside the library.  Of course, we had to play and it was pretty fun for a ‘pop-up’ course. That evening also involved watching my friend, who is in a frat (fraternity society), get auctioned for charity in a dating auction (where girls – or guys – bid to go on a date with you..) Apparently it was something to do with Greek week where all the frats/sororities get together.


Then, another experience not to miss,  I went kayaking again to the same place as last semester, because it was so much fun before, though again I got pretty sun burnt. On the way home we stopped at a restaurant, which was pretty much on the beach, and I was told to try key lime pie – which I must admit was very nice.


So finally, last week was spring break, what seems to be the notorious party season for American students, this being the only time they get off in the spring semester unlike back home where we get 2-3 weeks for Easter. Needless to say spring break was definitely a lot of fun consisting of house parties, sun bathing by the pool, meeting up with friends and going to the beach. Towards the end of the week I also went to a Saint Paddy’s day festival down in Brickell; it was nice to see parts of the area that I hadn’t seen before and listen to some live music.

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