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Sep 18
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So on Saturday 15th December Miami had it’s first home football game with a 12PM kick off.

The day started bright and early at 9AM after I was told that tailgating occurs before every football game. So what’s tailgating!?! Everyone who is fortunate enough to have a car – so everyone in America – parks up outside the stadium in the car park and blasts music, drinks, cook on BBQs and generally has a lot of fun. The atmosphere walking around was amazing, everyone had there own gazebo’s over the car boot, people doing crazy things with loud music playing! Next game I think we’ll come prepared in our friends Hummer with our own music and BBQ!!

I almost had another fiasco at the security gate when trying to enter the game having not realised they would be so strict I brought a bag full of my supplies for the day. They asked me to bin my food and *hide* my water bottle – I guess I’m getting quite good at this hide and seek game similar event to at the Embassy, luckily the bottle was still there when I came back out!

Inside the stadium students are given their own seating section, the atmosphere inside was awesome with all the students wearing the orange and green UM colours. Before the game the university band played the national anthem and various other events occurred such as the cheerleaders doing various things! Once all the players came out I was amazed by how many there were,  there must have been a squad of about 70 players with only 9 or so actually playing at any one time. The game is split into 4 15minute periods, though each period lasts about 45minutes because play literally only lasts 30 seconds then someone is tackled and everyone has to start over again. Generally the game was fun to watch when one of the players managed to make a run, but it did become tedious when constant tackles are made and the entire game play has to stop and start over.

The heat during the game was IMMENSE, it literally felt like 40 degrees (and probably wasn’t far off.) There was no shade what so ever in the stadium so we all sat there roasting for a good 3 hours before deciding to cut the game short at the third quarter and make our way home. By this point I must have put sun cream on 3 times, but I seem to have developed a nice tan and only burnt the front of my neck!

Anyhow; turns out we won the game 38-10!

After getting back we each made a mad dash for the outdoor pool – not very smart I guess considering we’d already been in the sun for hours! This was a nice round off to the day though chilling by the pool for an hour, playing games in the water and generally cooling off after an extremely hot afternoon!

I can’t wait for the next home game, particularly if we’re able to tailgate! Sadly for the next home game I’ll be at Universal Studios for the day with other international students for a day trip – I’ll keep you posted!


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