End of my first semester

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Dec 13
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I’d like to start by apologising for the lack of posts.  It seems quite ridiculous to me that the last post was on November 8th, no doubt this was the most fun I’ve had, but other things have occurred since. To name just a few things off the top of my head. I’ve been kayaking down in the keys again which brought back many great memories from Key West where we went through the mangrove tunnels, saw a crocodile and went out to an island for a quick wonder and swim! I’ve watched a Miami heat game against Spurs where we won 105-100 and also been sailing on a small boat for an hour or two. Lots of other stuff has been happening too and those of you who have seen the Facebook photos would at least know I’ve not dropped off the face of the earth! Needless to say when you see people going mental over finals week (which we don’t have in the UK) I can quite easily say it drives you mental. The last two weeks of semester drove me almost insane with 5 final projects due on similar dates and also 2 exams to study for during the same period as the projects being due. Anyway there was light at the end of the tunnel and I made it out hopefully the grades are worth looking forward to.

Anyhow the end of the semester is here and the trip home is almost upon me. The first semester has been a truly amazing experience but nevertheless there has been it’s ups and downs considering the events occurring throughout the year. The University of Miami is a truly inspirational place of learning where I’ve met some fantastic people and experienced some of the most amazing things ever, it saddens me to think it will be a long time before I ever relive any of these experiences with Key West standing out as the main. May the next semester be even better.

Amen! I’ll write another when I’m home!

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