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Sep 18
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Sorry it’s been so long since I last provided an update on here! I guess this leads to the topic of this post; as you’ve probably guessed it, classes started a few weeks ago and the work load is gradually increasing!

I’m taking typical Computer Science related classes. One of which ‘Computer Operating Systems’ involves low level “hacking” of the computer – lecturers words, not mine – and apparently he’s been described as crazy so god knows how difficult this GRADUATE level course will get! I’m also taking two other computer science related courses which are going reasonably well however I’m finding the style of teaching is very much different to that of the UK. For example, each class/course requires you to buy a copy of the course book which you’re then supposed to read a given chapter before each lecture. Lectures are very much then discussion based on the chapter rather than the lecturer presenting slides and you taking notes (or just downloading the slides later.) Most of my classes also have quizzes every second lecture of the week (which goes towards your grade); so I guess it keeps you on your toes! On top of all that you also get weekly homework assignments and then occasionally slightly larger assignments with a heavier weighting!

I was given the option to take 2 extra modules of my choosing. With my growing interest of web design I took a class to improve my use of image editing softwares. The class I originally took was too difficult so I dropped this and replaced it with a more basic course. So far in this class I’ve made a business card, basic website design, drew a person by hand (on the computer) and made a magazine cover for superman! ๐Ÿ˜€ I’m really enjoying this class so far!! If you’re interested in seeing some of them, send me an e-mail ๐Ÿ™‚

The other class I decided to take involved mapping software called GIS. This spawned from my original interest in combining geography and computer science. So far the class has proved interesting in learning the basics of map making skills by combining data onto maps.

Overall classes are enjoyable! Hopefully theywill continue to be so ๐Ÿ™‚

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