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Jul 29
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As many of you realise I have a huge love of computers. Over the past couples of weeks I have been working on getting a website together that would nicely resemble something clean, professional and minimalistic that will last for the years to come. Hopefully I have achieved this after many hours of blood sweat and tears over the keyboard as I attempted to develop a WordPress theme – which I haven’t tried to do before.. So I hope you enjoy the theme and I ask that you report any problems with it to me on Facebook with a screenshot of how badly things have gone wrong – i.e. a post has appeared off the screen or something!

I hope to use this blog to keep you all up to date on proceedings and how things are going; I aim to regularly post pictures amongst general things that you might be interested in reading. We may gain a few intrigued readers along the way and I welcome these on board, so feel free to comment on my posts. It should be pretty obvious if you click on the “Leave a comment” or “* comments” button (where * is a number) there will be a box on the next page that should let you submit it.

I look forward to talking with everyone in the near future!

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